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Are We Really More Connected?

We are more “connected” online, have more access to more information, options and opinions. However we have never felt more disconnected. We are experiencing that paradox of choice, where more is actually less. More access to what we are being told we want, (we may even believe we want), is ultimately leaving us overwhelmed, confused and unfulfilled. Still searching for meaning and purpose in all of the madness.

We are being manipulated into consuming more under the false assumption that what we are seeking will be found out there if we just stay engaged in the perpetual spinning wheel of excess consumption and easy answers to these common issues of lack, scarcity, loneliness, never enoughness, and the pursuit of happiness and fulfilment.

Step back, be discerning with what you consume online, take back your control and realise that the answers aren’t out there, they are within you.

Through meditation you learn to know yourself better, become aware of how you react to different triggers and practice responding with more awareness and kindness towards yourself.

By learning to listen to your inner guidance, your hearts wisdom and by knowing your vulnerabilities and how they are exploited for profit. Knowing the difference between feeling empowered and feeling powerless or dependent on that next upgrade or purchase. Constantly chasing the next solution.

Begin choosing the path that aligns with your values and your goals. Believe in the wisdom of truely listening to your own inner guidance and responding from a calm, centred and grounded perspective. It might not make sense to anyone else, it may take lots of practice, but this is your journey and your life. Trust your own heart. You are worthy of having your needs met.


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