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Massage Therapy

All classes and sessions are held at Natural Pathways Healing Centre, address is 65-67 Percy Street, Mitcham VIC 3132


Remedial massage uses advanced musculoskeletal techniques to treat dysfunction and address reoccurring or ongoing issues or symptoms being experienced.

Remedial massage is not only beneficial physically but can also help to increase blood and lymphatic flow and assist your body in restoring the natural healing processes.

Receiving regular treatments will allow you to feel more balanced, experience less pain and increase your body awareness, so that you are able to listen to your body’s signals and act accordingly before a problem becomes chronic. Health fund rebates available for private health insured patients.


Relaxation massage not only feels amazing, it is also doing your body and mind so much good!

Receiving the benefits of therapeutic touch works on so many levels to increase wellbeing and restore harmony in your body and a boost to the immune system.

Mentally you are able to let go and just be in the moment and treat it as a mindful treatment where you absolutely can just relax and enjoy each moment and each sensation, trusting that you are in experienced, safe and qualified hands that are working to care only for you!

How incredible does that sound?!

Massage Styles Available

Remedial Massage

Swedish Relaxation

Trigger Point Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Myofascial Release

Massage Treatment Details:

60 Minutes - $95

Gift Vouchers Available



Reiki Style

Reiki is a hands on modality to restore balance within. It can be used for physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Reiki is non-invasive, gentle way of supporting and promoting health and wellbeing.

It is a complementary health modality and can be used as a stand alone practice or in conjunction with other medical health practices.

Reiki can assist in clearing energetic blockages, physical and emotional healing. You may experience a release or some physical or emotional symptoms of this blockage clearing after your treatment.

Reiki Techniques Used

Grounding Meditation

Relaxing Music

Use of Tibetan Singing Bowls

Distant Healing (See below)

Reiki Treatment Details:

60 Minutes - $75

Distant Healing


With your consent I can send a Reiki healing to you to be received at a time that is according to your highest good and will. All I need from you is your full name and a photo of yourself and of course payment, and your healing can commence. You will be provided with a report of the healing and I will follow up with you in the days following the healing to see how you feel and if you’ve noticed any changes or shifts occurring.

Distant healing is ideal for individuals who are not able to be present to receive a physical hands on Reiki treatment. For example, young children, babies, elderly, people with a disability, people in hospital, pets/animals. For those unable to consent to treatment ie. babies and animals, the consent of a parent or guardian is sufficient.

Investment: $50

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Shine Meditation also offers packages for meditation, massage and reiki, as well as party packages.

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