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Meditation Series

Join Us for Monthly Zoom Meditation Series


Over the next 3 months we will explore different Self Inquiry practices to guide you into a state of
pure awareness and gentle presence using Self Inquiry and contemplative meditation.

Self Inquiry allows you to connect to a deep part of yourself that lies beyond thoughts, emotions,
roles, ego perceptions and sensations. Opening up in mindful awareness as the experience of the
present moment comes and goes and you remain present. In this space we ask questions to deepen
further into this sense of awareness and your true essence.

This practice supports a deepening of understanding, compassion and support of yourself through
exploring a deeper sense of Being. Knowing yourself and connecting to your own inner resources
which can flow through all aspects of your life. Feeling connection to your awareness in any moment
through familiarising yourself with this inner space of stillness and silence.

Self Inquiry can be an uplifting and enlightening experience, but it may also be challenging and at
times confronting. You do not need to have any experience with Self Inquiry Meditation, however it
is recommended that you have a regular meditation practice and a familiarity with the concepts of
mindfulness, grounding and be cultivating an attitude of non-judgment, no expectations and self-

Enquire below for further information related to Self Inquiry meditation and what you need to know
to decide whether you feel Self Inquiry is right for you. You will then be sent an invitation to book
your spot.

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Introduction to Gentle Self Inquiry Meditation

Join us if you are ready to delve deeper into your practice of meditation, explore the true nature of the Self, initiate the awakening of your soul, deepen your spiritual practice and enhance the intimate connection with all that is.

It all begins with Self.


Thursday 5th August

Thursday 2nd September

Thursday 7th October

Class Time

7:00pm - 8:30pm




$20 per person per session or

$50 for all 3 sessions