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Treatment Packages

Available Packages

The real benefits of these treatments and practices can be more profoundly experienced after a few regular appointments.

Regular meditation will give you the opportunity to follow up with Jacqui each week to learn different techniques and discuss obstacle or challenges you’re experiencing. You’ll be more likely to remain motivated to continue your practice at home with the support of Jacqui’s personalised meditations and coaching.

Regular massage will allow your muscles, your immune function and your ability to mentally relax all improve. It will aid in sleep, focus and mental clarity, as well as muscle recovery from exercise, dysfunction or injury.

Regular Reiki will allow you to relax, become more in tune with your needs and emotions and give yourself space to develop self-compassion as well as creative solutions.

Packages are a way of committing to your own self-care and setting time aside to ensure that these needs that we all have, are met. You can exchange a massage treatment for a Reiki session and visa versa, however meditation sessions cannot be exchanged with the other treatment packages.


4 x Private Meditation One on One Sessions - $200

5 x 60 Min Relaxation Massages - $400

5 x 60 Min Reiki Sessions - $300

Party Package

Have you got a baby shower, hens night, girls night in or women’s gathering  planned and looking for that added touch of connection & relaxation for your event?


You can hire me by the hour to come and provide relaxing neck and shoulder and hand massages for your guests to give them a nurturing experience that they will always remember and be grateful to you for!


(Another therapist will be able to assist for larger parties)

Please contact Jacqui to discuss your options and the details of your event.

Cost will depend on location and size of gathering.