About My Journey

I have had over 18 years’ experience working as a Remedial massage therapist in a variety of different clinical settings. I have always been passionate about preventative health and natural therapies and after many years in massage, I decided to learn more about what can be done to encourage people to establish and maintain a self-care regime that is affordable, accessible and with numerous physical and mental health benefits.

I had been meditating off and on for many years, being introduced to the practice through yoga in my early 20s. It’s appeal to me at the time was mainly for relaxation, stress relief, improved sleep and enhanced self-awareness. Little did I realise at the time that these initial benefits were only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how mediation can enhance an individual’s health and wellbeing, not to mention their relationships and self awareness.

This lead me to exploring more about the practice, the different techniques and the fascinating research being done, in particular into mindfulness meditation. My curiosity for the practice was well and truly sparked, and I just kept following where I felt my heart was leading me. Establishing my own daily practice and committing to learning more about myself and accessing the stillness and inner peace and wisdom which had been present all along.

The more I practiced, the more I felt at ease with being silent and still, and it became a more natural and effortless part of my daily routine. That’s not to say that it has been easy! I struggled for many months with numbness in my right foot, finding a regular time during my busy day to meditate, getting my family used to the idea of me needing space and time to meditate and respecting boundaries, finding and establishing a suitable space in my home in which to practice.

A weekly yoga practice and learning Reiki techniques continue to compliment my personal meditation practice and my overall wellbeing. I completed my Reiki level 2 (practitioner level) qualification in 2017. I bring all this knowledge and passion for natural and holistic therapies into my meditation groups and workshops for all of you to gain the benefits from these gorgeous treatments.

One of the biggest challenges however, was altering my thinking, to begin to value doing seemly very little, and letting go of the need to be “busy” and please everyone else first before taking care of myself. I needed to start prioritising my own self-care. This was difficult, given that we are taught from a very young age to work hard, strive to achieve, and a society that seems to reward those who sacrifice more of themselves and their “me-time” which then allows others to profit. Is this self-sacrifice worth it? You might be financially rewarded and receive praise and admiration, but what are you left with? Less time for yourself, more stress, ill health, higher expectations on yourself to achieve even more, less quality time for family and friends, relationships suffer, and you burnout.

I am a qualified Yin Yoga teacher and practice Qi Gong and intuitive movement practices to
mobilise energies within the body. These practices aim to harmonise your internal
environment with the movements of nature and to enhance feelings of wellbeing and overall
physical, emotional and spiritual health.
I continue to explore contemplative meditation practices including Self Inquiry which
connects me to the awareness of presence within myself at any moment. This is a deeply
spiritual practice for me and offers so much insight and understanding of the nature of the
mind and reality. This includes reading, journaling, meditations and receiving guidance and
support from a mentor.

My studies and practices continue to evolve as I am called to explore deeper within and
expand my knowledge and experience more to meet my needs with a loving and
compassionate awareness. Beginning my journey with meditation and ACMM has been the
transformative and life changing experience my soul was craving for. Shine Meditation is a
product of my experience and knowledge that I offer to you to your soul.

If you are tired of pretending, tired of trying to keep up with endless demands, tired of living
inauthentically, feeling lost, stuck or lonely, know this:
You are not alone! Many people feel this way. Some people prefer to remain asleep.
If you are done sleepwalking through your life and ready to meet yourself where you are and
realign and connect with your soul, then reach out to me and let’s work together.

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Learning to practice self-care and self-love makes it easier to express compassion and empathy for others, which will nurture a much more peaceful and connected you.

A real turning point for me was when I visited the Yarra Valley Living Centre run by Dr Ian and Dr Ruth Gawler of the Gawler Foundation. I attended a retreat entitled “Deepening your meditation” and it was facilitated by Ian and Ruth. There, I experienced many hours of uninterrupted silence and space in which to grow and discover so much more about my personal meditation practice, and gained some valuable knowledge and techniques from Ian’s teaching sessions. It has encouraged me to make meditation retreats an annual ritual as I found it such a valuable experience and enriching for my personal practice.

Since then I have attended at least 1 – 2 retreats per year with my fellow graduates and students of ACHS with each retreat deepening my appreciation for these beautiful and loving connections with like-minded people and receiving inspiration from these amazing souls doing such amazing work to bring more compassion and peace into peoples lives. With connections such as these, I feel supported in my efforts to bring meditation into the lives of my community.

In July 2018 I attended the week long I’ME teen mindfulness retreat in Tasmania as a volunteer staff member. Working with teens was a blessing and whilst challenging in it’s own way, it gave me a real appreciation for the power of introducing meditation into kids lives as a tool for self-care. The staff and teens I met during this week continue to hold a special place in my heart.

More recently I have added Reiki Level 2 practitioner and Yin yoga (50 hrs teacher training) to my growing list of modalities, all of which I have found so supportive and complementary to each other. My aim is to combine my knowledge and practice of movement, massage (touch healing), and meditation into everything that I do. Each client will get the benefit of a my holistic approach to wellbeing.

My mission for Shine Meditation

✺To highlight the gift of inner stillness which we all possess, so that you may become more in tune with your  needs, and start to make changes in your life, so that your outer world will begin to reflect your inner truth.

✺To offer guidance for people to experience a group meditation, and be adaptable to meet the needs of participants.

✺To suggest techniques and tools which might be useful in establishing and maintaining your own meditation practice at home.

✺To offer a variety of meditations appropriate for meditators of all levels of experience.

✺To listen to and truly value whatever you chose to share with me and within a group.

✺To respect your confidentiality and the privacy of your personal information.

✺To be open to learning and growing with the group as the facilitator, and being grateful for the unique gifts which each individual brings to the group.

✺To hold a space for you with love and no judgment



With love and light, Namaste